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2020-2021. Group Writing Seminar Mini-Documentary.

From 2020-2021, I taught a year-long group studies seminar that focused on writing critically engaging blog articles about the performing art season occurring at the Wexner Center for Performing Arts at OSU.

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2019-2020. Online All Ability Dance Classes.

In practice with my belief that dance is for all people, I taught dance classes to child dancers of varying physical and cognitive abilities in Columbus, OH through Art-Possible Ohio. When the pandemic hit, I created these online dance classes for students to keep dancing at home.


2021. Intermediate Undergraduate Ballet Teaching Reel.

I actively create a learning environment that advances the practice of inclusion through my ballet practice pedagogical approach. 


2021. Intermediate Undergraduate and Graduate Pointe Warm-Up.

My ballet pedagogy includes teaching anatomically aligned principles to prevent injuries and build strength.


In this pointe class, I decided to have students move their spaces at the barre between each exercise to ensure that all students could see their alignment in the mirror. This "musical barres" as I call it also allows for more classroom equity in students' physical space.

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