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Photo by Katie O'Loughlin.

this mental/body

experiential dance performance by Jacquie Sochacki Pittman in collaboration with Jasmine Gerard and Ciara Glass

Saturday September 24

Time: TBA

Location: Midwest Movement Collective

This experiential dance performance is a part of ArtPrize 2022, and will be performed a series of times on Saturday September 24 in the afternoon. These performances are open to the public and will occur at Midwest movement Collective.


This work explores the bodily manifestation of emotional wellbeing through choreography and improvisational dance performance influenced by audience responses. This event explores the landscapes of controllable and uncontrollable physical, mental, and emotional variables through the lens of healing, coping and resiliency that accompanies mental health care and management.

This time-based performance begins with a spoken introduction, followed by an invitation for audience members to digitally share three emotions they have recently experienced through an online platform. This list of audience-generated emotions is projected in the space, as it informs the following improvised group dance experience. Audience members are then encouraged to write their emotions on a 2-dimensional community artwork.

This performance, titled “this mental/body”, is the third in a series of emotionally-inclusive performance experiences created by Jacquie Sochacki Pittman.

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